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Infinity War left me a little broken inside. I loved the film. I loved the character development, the twists, and the motivations for Thanos. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, I won’t spoil it. But for those of you who have… that ending… my heart sank in a snap. However, in contrast, the biggest high for me came during the appearance of the greatest hero in the Marvel Universe: a 3D printer.

During the film, a handful of Avengers assemble back at home base. In the lab, a Form 2 3D printer is sitting on a table in the background. Robby leaned over to me in the theater and pointed it out almost instantly. That left me wondering, “what exactly are they printing?”

The Avengers Initiative saw a lot of action over the years. They have a lot of tech, and have faced numerous threats. We saw the kind of damage that both external and internal adversaries inflicted on the Avengers. Ant-Man did a number on Falcon’s suit in Ant-Man. Ultron did a number on the group in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the Avengers did a number on themselves during Captain America: Civil War. I wonder if some of the team’s replacement parts are 3D printed?

Or maybe the Avengers use the 3D printer for 3D printed prototypes of equipment. 3D printing is perfect for test models and working out the kinks for final products. I would imagine that the superheroes only want the best equipment in the field, and manufacturing 3D printed prototypes certainly gives equipment designs the edge. The Avengers are in a competitive arms race against alien forces, after all.

"I don't even know what it does. Want to find out?"

"I don't even know what it does. Want to find out?"

I also haven’t forgotten that Vision is, technically, a 3D-printed Avenger. The Mind Stone and combined A.I. of Jarvis and Ultron give him a mind and soul, but he’s birthed from a 3D printing chamber. A good chunk of Infinity War revolves around Vision, and so it safe to conclude that 3D printing is the true hero of the Marvel Avengers universe.

Vision Cradle 3D Print

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