It's always fun to try and predict the future isn't it?! When it comes to 3D printing, the future is anything but black and white. There is a ton of grey area, but THAT is what makes it such an amazing time in the evolution of this technology! 

So much is happening, not only in the US, but all over the world to develop better and faster ways to produce 3D printed products. Even NASA is getting involved! They are currently holding a contest to design the most effective, functional, and stylish space habitats for future missions to Mars and beyond. The winner of the first round gets $50,000 and if you're lucky enough to win the 2nd round, you'll walk away with a cool $1.1 Million! You can bet all the tea in the harbor that we are going to enter our designs! You can too! 

If our own government sees the potential for this technology, it's silly not to incorporate it into other applications. Here are a fraction of the really fun and interesting, and innovative things coming up in the not-so-distant future of 3D printing!

Back in March, a Chinese corporation used a large-scale 3D printer to fabricate 10 houses in one 24 hour period. Can you imagine building 10 houses in ONE day?! That's insane! This could change the way we construct homes and commercial structures everywhere. Businesses can build their office, furnish it, and be operational in the same week. Cities can create homes for hundreds of homeless citizens within days. Apartment buildings can be created within a week, providing housing for thousands of people!

It's really crazy to think that one day soon, we will be able to print our food at home without any need to chop, mix, dice, stir, bake, broil, or fry! All we will have to do is hit print! Well, you won't have to wonder when you will be able to delve into this aspect of 3D printing because 3D food printing is already here! Several companies are already selling chocolate 3D printers where you can make crazy designs and creative structures out of chocolate!

Not a day goes by where I'm not researching and trying to incorporate new ideas about 3D printing, but this one takes the cake. Scientists are already 3D printing liver and kidney tissue from cells in order to test the efficacy of medications so humans don't have to suffer unnecessary side effects. This in itself is enough for applause, but one day soon they will be able to print entire organs that match a patient's blood type and cellular structure! This will not only eliminate the need for a transplant list, which will save countless lives, but it will also reduce the amount of organ rejections that occur after a transplant! 

I am way too excited about this...I need to calm down! Nah, I'm going to pump up the energy level even more for my next post- "How Can I Benefit from 3D Printing Without a Printer?!"